Whether it’s a film piece or an entrepreneurial venture, I’ve always got something in the works. Most recently, I’ve taught myself JavaScript, HTML and CSS. I love gaining new skills that give me the freedom to not only design, but execute my ideas. Here are a few of my current projects!         



How many times do you check your pockets for lip balm, but don’t have any? My business partner and I built Gripchap, a phone grip that carries lip balm inside, solving all your lost lip balm problems by connecting it to something you always have. Gripchap launched on Kickstarter and was funded in less than 24 hours.


Finding cheap small film lights can be hard to find. So, I decided to make my own. Using Bluetooth I can connect multiple lights together wirelessly and controls the modes of the lights. I am currently building three different prototypes. 

Where it all starts





Tinder for Jobs - Swipe to Hire

People are always looking for new opportunities. Why not swipe for a job?


Veer means to "change directions suddenly". Its currently in the programming stage.  Hopefully, it will be launched in the next few weeks.