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Taylor Galbraith

Hi, my name is Taylor. I grew up in Sugar City, Idaho where there wasn’t a whole lot to do other than pick potatoes. If fun was to be experienced, it had to be created. I found myself constantly being interested in things where I could be an inventor, musician, and entrepreneur. 


Each one of these brought their own creative element. Collectively they helped me find where my passion lies—in creativity. Through cinematography, I find that I have the most creative power at my fingertips at any given moment, and that’s why I will never want to let go of the title Cinematographer.


This was my first flamethrower, it nearly blew off my arm. 


At age 14, I spent a year in China studying at Nankai University.


My senior pic. I have never seen

 my mom so mad. 

Too poor to buy a ski pass.


Long film days with my buddy

Wayne Newton.


Best way to relieve stress.


In the zone directing

DSC05737 2.JPG

Playing with big toys



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